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Integration Services

Transformational healing is not done in the ceremony alone.  New insights will continue to flow through for days and even weeks and months after. Integration is the foundation for building these new insights into our daily lives to help us remember what the Sacrament has taught us and how to use it in our everyday lives. 


The patterns we hope to change when partaking in ceremony are rooted in our childhood.  This is why integration is the most important part of your journey. 


Years of conditioning has brought you to these sacraments, those patterns don’t just go away over a weekend.  The ceremony will guide you and give you insights.  You’ll come away with many things that make sense and many that don’t.  For weeks and months after the ceremony, the medicine is still working and more and more insights will come forth.  If integration is not part of your journey, these valuable messages will be lost and in a few weeks or months the old patterns of destructive behavior will re-emerge.

Why is Integration Important? 

When we commune with earth medicines as a sacrament, it ignites a transformational journey. However, we cannot transcend anything that we have not fully developed or healed. Thus, our spiritual essence must blend with psychological wellness before we can fully live as our authentic selves. 


Lasting healing and transformation will be out of reach if integration is not part of your journey.   Without integration, the insights you gained and will continue to gain will start to fall away as you get back into your old patterns. Resulting in a waste of time, energy, and money as well as a feeling of frustration. There is also the risk of activating more psychological instability and problems that can cause disruptions in one’s life. 

Who are Integration Services For? 

Anyone communing with Earth Sacraments for healing, self-discovery, and growth.  Integration is the foundation of long-term healing, without it, everything we discover during and after our ceremony will not make sense.  Without proper integration, the old patterns that sent us to seek a transformational ceremony experience in the first place will re-emerge.

Interation Coaches
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