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Oracle Vape

Oracle Vape


For those of you looking to explore the spiritual realm at your own pace, in your own space with an easy to use tool. An extremely powerful tool that will make that “medicine space’ available to you at your leisure. What you can expect is a rapid connection spirit, your higher self, and a path to healing. This medicine is just that. This is not a toy. This medicine should be used in a sacred way. This sacrament should be shown the same respect as any Entheogen available such as Ayahuasca or Bufo Alvarius. This beautiful medicine used with the right intent can be life changing, mind opening and profound healing. This sacrament is made with integrity, love, forgiveness, gratitude and a deeper understanding of all that is.  Only made in small batches. Raw material comes from a respected source and the way it is processed is with the utmost respect and spiritual integrity. Here are some benefits of working with Oracle vapes:


  • Anti Anxiety 

  • Anti Depression

  • Simple to use

  • Total control of dosage

  • No cliff. Ease in and ease out

  • Easy on the lungs and throat

  • Mystical Experiences

  • Deep realization of self/conscious 

  • The comedown is about is about 10-15 minutes then you are”back to normal”

  • Nurturing guidance

  • Wonderful “veil lifter” for those new to entheogens 

  • Clear message for source on how to be the best you

  • Vivid visuals and auditory experience

  • Rapidly alter perception and mood 

  • Discrete and non habit forming

  • Profoundly less taxing on the body and mine than Ayahuasca and Bufo 

  • Basically anyone is safe to use it regardless of age, illness and medical history

  • SAFE!


All in all, when purchasing an Oracle Vape, you will be investing in a better you. You will be making the most important investment you could make in your life. Investing in your spirit! This tool will become one of your greatest teachers. As it stands firm as one of mine.


Shipping guaranteed in the United States. Product quality guaranteed.  Kit includes everything you need to start or continue your journey.  Cart and Battery.


  • Guidance of using Oracle Vape

    So in my experience it all about set setting and music (but also beautiful in silence). Also before I work with it I have an hour long ceremony of gratitude. Focusing on all the things I am grateful for. Outloud, or internally. It seems to be the key for a seamless entrance into that realm. Everytime I've done so, it changes me. Great practice for any medicine. Sets you on the right track. Have no expectations or wants. Look for nothing. 

    Also before using it take time setting your altar. Organizing or cleaning it with your focus on gratitude. In conjunction with gratitude and true peace in mind it's the gateway. I don't necessarily aim for anything. I go in for the message and that comes as soon as I'm in the space. As far as inhales, I always do many small inhales. Slow up,slow down. Keep it near and continue inhales. I've been to all parts of the medicine. Some short some long. It's always exactly what I need. Please message me if you like a link to my playlist. Start at the beginning. Heat setting on 2 or 3, small inhales, a whole bunch. Walk yourself in. I also find that doing it outdoors at night tends to deep internal work. I find that daytime Infront of the ocean is the most enthralling. Powerful in front of water. I've had the whole ocean sit up in meditative pose and shimmy. Lmao. Definitely a combination of all those things have changed me. My understanding and fortitude of my peace. Also serving medicine while using the vape. The most magical.


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