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Bufo Ceremony (Private 1 on 1)

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  • 333 US dollars
  • Titusville

Service Description

The Sacred Sapo, originally known as Otac, is the word for Toad. It is used by the indigenous peoples of the Sonoran Desert, Mexico; a primary origin point of this sacrament. The sacred ceremonial use of Otac from the Sonoran Desert Toad Bufo Alvarius, aka 5 MeO-DMT, is an ancient shamanic practice. Those who have partaken in this ceremonial ritual say to experience a total reset. This allows for a deep release of destructive emotional & mental patterns, as well as an influx of life force that is both inspirational and healing. Partaking in Bufo can potentially be a life changing experience of immense significance for well-being. Group ceremonies (3 or more people) are $222. If you have a group interested in Bufo, please email me at

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